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Webcam Utility stopped working with Catalina 10.15.7. [UPDATE: WORKING!]


Webcam beta was working fine yesterday, and my Mac decided it needed to reboot last night and update to 10.15.7.  


So I updated to the full release of webcam utlity, now I have new error icons but it still doesn't work at all with my EOS M200.


Now I get either one of the two error icons when trying to use webcam utility, usually the camera icon with a red warning triangle.  


I'm supposed to be presenting in less than 3 hours and this is a disaster 😞




Just got off the phone with Canon support.  We got it working but don't know exactly why.... 


Here's the repro:


1. delete old files from Library folder

2. Reboot, shut off camera & disconnect both ends of USB

3. Install 1.0 webcam util

4. Reboot

5. Turn on camera

6. Plug USB into camera 

7. Open Hangouts Meet in Chrome

8. Choose EOS Webcam as the video source

  - should see "disconnected USB" icon in webcam utility preview

  - should see live view on camera's LCD

9. Plug USB into Mac

  - should see live view on camera LCD flicker and return to live view

  - should see live view in Hangouts Meet


10. If 9 doesn't work, unplug and replug USB into Mac, waiting a few minutes with it plugged in each time.  Mine seemed to take 2-3 minutes after being plugged in for the webcam utility to detect it was there.  


Thank you Bruce @ Canon hotline for your help!

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Hi there,


Based on what you are describing it sounds like the USB connection might be at issue rather than the OS, although it may take some investigating. If possible I would recommend trying a different USB port, preferably one directly attached to the computer itself rather than a hub or keyboard extension.

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