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Webcam Utility not showing up as an option in OBS, failing to start in Zoom [Windows 10]


I have done exactly this:

Installed the 1.1 EOS Webcam Utility Software


I turned off my EOS Rebel T3i


I plugged in the USB cable to my computer, then to my camera.

I then turned my camera back on.


After I turn my camera back on the camera LCD Display turns on for a split second, then disappears.


This works on another computer, and I used the same method on both computers, however only the one on the other computer works. 


(I have only downloaded the 1.1 EOS Webcam Utility Software, and nothing else.)



Even without the camera plugged in, the EOS Webcam Utility doesn't show up in the Video Preview in Zoom.

I also don't have any other application that's using the Camera.


Are you disabling the EOS Utility before connecting and attempting to run the Webcam Utility?


If thats running, the webcam utility will not work.



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The EOS Webcam Utility was never open to begin with.

@pepay wrote:

The EOS Webcam Utility was never open to begin with.

I think he was referring to the regular EOS Utility, which probably needs to installed on your system in order for the WebCam Utility to work.  Also, if the regular EOS Utlity works, then that is a good test to see if you have a good setup to use WebCam.

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Hi @

@Ssalmorejo wrote:

Hi @

The Beta versions seemed to need it installed.  It did not seem to run without having it installed on the computer.

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Hi @Waddizzle

Hmmm! So there's no full version of webcam utility for your camera?


This is what I have done: erase the scene with the source that manage the webcam utility. Now creat a new one (don’t use the already existing source. Restart the computer. Connect the usb cable, turn on the camera (in movie mode) then look again the source and be sure to look the webcam utility. All done. Mac OBS using Catalina. Good luck!
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