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Webcam Utility Macbook Air M2


I've tried to use canon webcam utility with my new Macbook Air and it's not working. I've found a workaround using OBS but its not easy. With Zoom software the workaround is use Intel version but with other softwares I did not found a solution.

Macbook Air M2 - Monterrey 12.6 - Canon M200 and Canon 7D Mark II




I think the best solution for the Mac platform isn’t the EOS Webcam Utility from Canon.  I would recommend an actual USB webcam.  However, that would probably not be an improvement over whatever camera is built into the computer.

Or, you could use a DSLR or MILC camera body that has “Clean HDMI” output, which I know the 7D2 can do.  Add an HDMI to USB adapter, and you should be good to do.  I’m uncertain if “Clean HDMI” is officially supported on the M200.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

What HDMI to USBC adapter do you use? I have an USBC hub but it supports only HDMI output. I do need a HDMI video capture or just a cable? Thanks a lot

Canon cameras do not seem to agree with the use of a USB-C hub.  Using one could be 100% of your problem, but I suspect the M2 chip is also a major issue.  I am not familiar with what equipment you have in mind for HDMI to USB-C.  Most of the cables that see cost $25 USD, or less.

I am not a fan of my Mac.  I do not use it for connecting to anything except a wireless access point.  Too much fiddle factor for my tastes, and everything keeps changing every other week or month.

"The right mouse button is your friend."