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WARNING Webcam Utility DOES NOT WORK with Mac M1 running Big Sur versions past 11.0


I want to save others the trouble: Webcam Utility will ONLY work for Mac M1 (AKA the 2020 models that don't have the Intel Chips) running Big Sur 11.0. Stop searching for a fix because there isn't one.


Canon: is adding support for this on your Webcam Utility roadmap? Can you PLEASE post a fix to your software? My only option is to revert back to Big Sur 11.0, and I can't do that because I don't have a backup.


I was so excited to use this beautiful camera for work/streaming and now I feel like I just put money in a paper shredder. I will glady return it for another if there's no promise of a fix.





For what it's worth, I checked reddit to see if others had this problem.  The suggestion I received was to download the version of zoom designed for intel macs.  When I did this the new zoom program instantly recognized EOS Webcam Utility.  I don't know what program you were trying to use your camera for, but this fixed my issue.  Good luck!

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Just an update, it's the new year 2022 and it still doesn't work for me on M1 running on MacOS Monterey (12.1).


This is so frustrating! M1 has been out for a long time now and the reality is that (with most Mac users moving to Apple silicon) Canon cameras are essentially not supported for Mac users... I won't be changing to Windows any time soon, but most certainly will be looking at a Nikon for my next camera 😞

Are you sure that Nikon is supported by the M1? I have heard bad things about NXCapture.

Me too!


Thats finally works for me! After whole day spent on this. Just update mac os to monterey 12.1 

After this update eos utility can be recognized by mac. 

Macbook air m1, canon t2i (550d). Use OBS to stream video, but most important that's mac can see camera finally.

Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 22.14.49.png


Guys, I have the same problem. Canon dev team, please update the WebUtility for M1 chips. There are a lot of Canon enthusiasts like me, running new Apple M1 chip laptops. Thanks. 


I confess I can't believe how more than a year has passed and Canon hasn't updated the Canon EOS webcam utility to work on the M1.

Shame, shame, shame on you Canon!

At this point I've given up and moved on. Using my 60D as a webcam was a neat idea but not a game changer. And I have to confess I haven't used any Canon EOS software in my workflow for a long time. Even when it worked the utilities were clunky and had non-standard UI. 

Can you imagine robtain?

I have all canon lenses and two M6 Mark II Yikes!

Did you find a solution around the M1 chip?

Thank you.

No solution. At this point, I have given up. I have other webcam options that are easier to set up and use.