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Using Canon Rebel T3 as a webcam


I am a teacher in a small school district and my students do some live streaming.  We have an old Rebel T3 that I would like to repurpose as a webcam.  I read that Canon now has a Webcam Utility for this, but I don't see the T3 listed.  I saw a YouTube video that showed the T3 on the list of cameras. Is it available?



This website says 1100D, which is the international version of the T3, so maybe it will work.

Canon EOS Webcam Utility Software - Canon Central and North Africa (

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Other users have been able to get older cameras that are not officially listed as being supported to work.  Part of the problem is that the older bodies use apps that are not supported on the latest operating systems from Windows and Apple.

However, all is not lost.  Many users have been able to get the older camera bodies to work.  I have observed that the older cameras that do work are capable of supporting Live View Remote Shooting with the regular EOS Utility and recording video, both of which I believe the T3 is capable of doing.

Try downloading the Webcam software for the more recently released versions of the T3, such as the T5, T6, or T7.  

Follow the directions carefully.  Use a USB data cable that works with the regular EOS Utility.  Set the camera to video mode.  If the regular EOS Utility launches, then you need to close it down, AND disable the EOS Utility Launcher Service on a Windows PC.

Good Luck.

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