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EOS Webcam isn’t showing any configuration window


I'm using a MacBook Pro M2 on Sonoma 14.4.2, already did the system-override with the FileVault off. 

Still the app doesn't show any window.

Plus I tried to use the EOS Utility 3, and works fine with my M50.

Anyone has an idea on how to fix it?



I don't think it does show a window. You just use it in an app that requires a webcam.

If it doesn't show any window how can i configure it. I had use it on Windows, and there it does show a window where you can manage your subscription 

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi gonzalezmaestre,

I'm sorry to hear you are having an issue with the EOS Webcam Utility. That software is compatible with OS14, so you should see the same options that you see on your Windows computer. Is the issue that you connect your camera, open the EOS Webcam Utility, and the window is not populating anything in it? 

One thing to double check would be to make sure you have the newest version of the software. The current version is available HERE. Once you are on the web page click on the Software & Drivers button and the current version is named EOS Webcam Utility Pro 2.1.18 (macOS).

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