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EOS Webcam Utility for Windows sign up page issue


I'm trying to load the OES Webcam Utility (for Windows) onto my laptop. form this webpage

When I select the "Download for Windows" tab, I get  a pop-up form asking for my name, email address and a few survey questions.  I answer those questions. All good, so far.  The problem begins when I select the "Submit" tab on that bottom of the form.  I new widow opens with a note ops up that says 

"Thank You!
Close this window by clicking the "X" in the top right. Then click the "Download" button in red."  
There is no "X" in the top right, and no way to close that window to get to the " Download" button in Red".
The only "X" is for the whole webpage, which closes the whole website, and I have to start over.  I've tried this on a couple of different computers, thinking that maybe my display was configured suck that I couldn't see the whole page - NOPE!
I'm not looking for the "Pro" subscription utility, just the basic utility so I can use my EOS M50 Mark II as a webcam.