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EOS Webcam Pro - EOS 70D cycles every 30 min


Has anyone else had the issue where, while using EOS Webcam Utility Pro, that the camera cycles off/on every 30 min? Every 30 minutes I can hear the mirror click closed and open again and the image pauses for a few seconds and then continues fine. Is this expected or a new “feature?”

Camera: EOS 70D 

Software: EOS Webcam Utility Pro V2.1.18

Computer: iMac retina 5k, 27”, 2017, Ventura 13.6.3




This happens with my 80D as well, and I think that it is a limitation of the camera.  If I remember correctly, the shutter needs to do this so that the camera could not be viewed as a video camera - which might require additional licenses.

Thanks for replying. I had thought about that but I think that’s only the case for shooting/recording videos. I’ve been using the Webcame software since it came out and this is something totally new that just started happening with the most recent versions of Webcam and MacOS. Also, if I use the HDMI output it never gets interrupted like that. It’s nothing horrible but still quite irritating.