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image noise

I own a Canon EOS 650D. Bought in january & I took more than 3000 pics
with it... The images i capture now has high amount of noise in it...
This problem was not there in the beginning....Anyway when i felt that
the images were not clear enough, I compared them with the images
taken on my friend's Canon EOS 600D. And i was very clear that the
images taken on my cam had very high amount of noise..... I hav tried
to fix it my self by checking all settings, but nothing worked... Is
there anyone who can help me get rid of the noise from the photos??

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Re: image noise

What ISO are you shooting?  Are you doing long Exposures?  Can you post some images for comparison with metadata.  It's hard to offer advice without seeing the noise and confirming that it's not due to something else, like high ISO.

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Re: image noise

Agree that it sounds like you've set the camera to a high ISO.


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Re: image noise

the problem occurs at low iso also...
even after comparing with all settings same in both cams, the i find noise in mine...
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Re: image noise

ISO 800 is very noisy on 600d if you crop zoom 100%, and Dxo Mark says 650d is actually a little worse than that. Even 400 looks grainy if you blow it up.

What ISO are you talking about?

you might have the auto lighting optimizer thing working against you. I turn mine off because of noise.

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Re: image noise

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@civivm wrote:
the problem occurs at low iso also...
even after comparing with all settings same in both cams, the i find noise in mine...



There isn't much info out there, but we fully confirmed that 650D/T4i delivers bit noiser images than 7D, 60D, T3i. This is especially visible at high ISO. Even when they have the same megapixels count, they do not have the same senor. The sensor in the T4i is a bit noiser than 60D, 600D/T3i, etc.


There are many factors thay may affect your pictures increasing noise: Turning "Highlight Tone Priority" or "Auto Lighting Optimizer" on, taking long exposure pics, taking pictures after using Live View for several minutes (this heats up the sensor, and it's especially noticeable if you take a picture of about 2" or more and you turn off "Long exposure NR"), shooting at high temperatures and high ISO (again, the sensor temperature is a critical factor), etc.


If you can post some samples of "noisy" pictures with full shooting information (including Picture Style if possible), we should be able to help more.



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