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Rebel T5-settings for football games?

Hi there! I love taking pictures and have gotten overall great shots with not much knowledge on camera settings, I get slightly overwhelmed with all the different settings and have a tough time remembering so do trial and error most of the time.

Anyway, I am shooting football now-night games and I am on the field so my 75-300 is fine as far as zoom. I am just struggling with the right settings. I understand the blur since my lens is definitely not a preferred one for action photography like this....but this past weekend most of my photos came out with a yellow cast. I'm not sure the settings as I did keep trying different things and in a fast moving game I lost track of what I was doing :/

I know how frustrating this is to all of you highly knowledgeable folks....but if there is any way to simply give me settings to try that have worked for any of you with this camera/lens combo...I would greatly appreciate it!
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Re: Rebel T5-settings for football games?

That sounds like it could be normal.  You said you shot photos at night.  Your yellow cast could be artificial lighting.  Your camera and Canon post processing software, Digital Photo Professional, can easily adjust for what is known as White Balance. 


I suggest that you read your camera's Instruction Manual about it.  Shoot in RAW format, so you can correct it in your computer, and tweak it just the way you want.


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Re: Rebel T5-settings for football games?

" I am shooting football now-night games and I am on the field so my 75-300 is fine ..."


The students at my school use a Rebel and the ef 75-300mm for their yearbook photos.  They do OK.  I have them set the Rebel to Av at f5.6, ISO to 1600, WB to auto.  This lets the Rebel select the fastest SS possible for the conditions.  It may work or it might not but it is what the camera is able to do.  All camera/lens combos have their limits. Set the AF mode to One Shot and use just the center focus point.


Now, kido, the two most important parts of this are where you shoot from and post editing.  If you are allowed, move around to get the best position.  You must post process your shots.  Mandatory, not an option.


Go shoot soem football ! Smiley Happy  Let me know how you do.


BTW, if you find the ISO 1600 has too much grain for your liking, drop it back to 1000 or 800.

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