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How to record longer on EOS Rebel t5

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a longer recording time on the T5 than what is normally allowed. I have a 16GB card and my camera only lets me record for about eight seconds, but I'd like to be able to record longer. Do I have to get a higher storage card to extend recording time?

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Re: How to record longer on EOS Rebel t5

It sort of depends on what you mean by "what is normally allowed". No DSLR can record for more than 30 minutes. If it could, it would be taxed as a video camera by the European Union.


And most (all?) DSLRs with video capability will stop recording if the sensor shows signs of overheating. This is a feature, nor a bug. Replacing a damaged sensor is an expensive proposition.


Bottom line: The video capability of a DSLR is there so that you can capture an occasional incident of your kid interacting with the dog. If you want to make movies, buy a video camera. I'm told that Canon makes some good ones.

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Re: How to record longer on EOS Rebel t5

The camera records the video to an internal memory buffer space.  While the buffer is filling up with video... the camera is ALSO trying to write the data from the buffer to the memory card.


Think of your kitchen sink... if you've got a slow clogged up drain and it's possible to fill the sink faster than you can drain the sink then you're going to have a problem.


The T5 can uses SDXC cards.  It does not support UHS1 cards - and while UHS1 cards are backward compatible, often the compatiblility modes are slower than what they would be on a non-UHS1 card.


I would invest in a card such as a SanDisk Extreme Pro card... buy it from a legitimate source to make sure you have the real thing.  Avoid budget bargain cards.


Always perform a "low-level" format via the in-camera menu for any new card.  Never use a card that was previously used in any other camera unless you re-format it (low-level) in the camera where you plan to use it.



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Re: How to record longer on EOS Rebel t5

Do you have "video snapshot" on? That only records snipets of video.

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