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when will the EOS Utility be compatible and function with the Mac OS X?!


Glad to have been of help, why there isn't an auto update on Canon software, godness knows!!

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I don't have any problems with Yosemite and EOS utility...have you downloaded the latest version from the Canon website?...some of the bodies (eg canon 7D2) don't say their software is compatible with Yosemite, however just use the Maverick download.

If you said which Canon body and version of OSX you are using, perhaps I can post a link.


EOS 70D and OS X on Mac

when I attempt to download photos from camera to computer it says "Cannot be used with this version of the operating system.".... any suggestions !? thanks!

You haven't said which version of Mac OSX....that would be helpful!

Have you just got the camera and installed the software that came with it or did you have a previous Canon camera and are using the EOS utility for that?


You obviously have a version of Canon EOS utility installed on your Mac, so updating that won't be a problem, so if you follow the links below it should all work fine.


To get the latest software, visit the following site


Go to "drivers and software" and if you are on yosemite, it will tell you that Yosemite is not supported, so click on the operating system options to the right of the box and select "Mavericks" and it will let you download the appropriate software, always assuming you are on either Maverics or Yosemite.


Once it has downloaded, just open the file and install it, it will overwrite the old files and should then recognise your camera.


Hope that helps,



Merci beaucoup!! Worked perfectly! 

Glad to have been of help, why there isn't an auto update on Canon software, godness knows!!