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t2i shutter fire problem - no response



Yesterday I found myself trying to use my trusty T2i, turned it on, tapped lightly on the shutter button to auto focus- no response.


I pressed fully to take a photo- no response.

The camera turns on fine, the display screen lights up, and the camera makes a sound like it's TRYING to focus.  It sounds like it's coming from the lens.  I don't have another lens to check if that's the problem.  It's a little almost click-ey sound that I have to put up close to my ear to hear.

It hasn't been dropped, there's no water damage.  I pulled it out of a drawer I have it in for safe keeping, walked over to take my photo, and was incredibly disappointed.

Any suggestions are welcome, as I'm completely at a loss what to do, and the nearest camera shop is an hour away from where I live.


@vannessa wrote:

The lens is just the stock 18-55mm that came with it.  
If I did jam it, is that easy to fix...? 

It's apparently not difficult, but let's just say it's not for the squeamish. After all, we've all been taught to be gentle with our cameras and lenses, so as to not risk damaging them. But in this case if the mechanism has gotten jammed, the cure is to grab the lens firmly and physically unjam it. The precise procedure, which I believe was invented by one of the Canon people who take turns moderating this forum, is documented in one of the conversations. I'm not sure exactly where, but I'm sure one of the regulars will be able to come up with a link if it looks as though it might work in your case. It's not guaranteed to succeed, but we've heard from two or three people who say it saved their lenses. And if the lens isn't usable anyway, what do you have to lose?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

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Thank you so so much for trying to help me out.

I realize this was a very simple fix, and I feel sort of foolish for being so upset over it, but my camera is very important for my job.  
I appreciate that you all took the time out to give me input.  Thank you so much!

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