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shooting video with t4i and 7d




I recently bought the t4i as a 2nd camera in video production.  When shooting, I've come across an issue in matching the looks of the 2 cameras.  I'll set both cameras to "Neutral."  Because you can't dial the color temperature in on the t4i like you can on the 7d, I will choose a pre-set for white balance.  So, for example, I'll set both cameras to the daylight setting.  Now, when I pull the footage to edit together, the 7d has more of a raw, flat look and the t4i will look similar but it has more of a warm tone (more reds/oranges in the tint).  Bottom line, they don't match.  


Looking at the insides of both cameras, it looks like they both have the same sensor, but the 7d has dual Digic processors and the t4i has a single Digic processor.  Could that be the reason?  The t4i produces more noise in low-light, also, which I would attribute to the processors.  

If anyone can shed light on the Rebel t4i and how I might try and match it to my 7d, it would be much appreciated.  






Hi stkirkland!


Thanks for posting.


You are on the right track in thinking that the hardware in the camera is contributing to the difference.  The EOS 7D has a completely different image sensor and different processors than the EOS Rebel T4i.  How it both captures video and processes that video is different from the EOS Rebel T4i.


Since there are manual white balance corrections you can make on the EOS 7D that you cannot on the EOS Rebel T4i, you can try correcting the EOS 7D so that it looks more like the EOS Rebel T4i instead of the other way around.


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