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my first DSLR a T7 - ok to use a USM with bad focus motor?


I'm coming off S95 (lens error) S100 (lens error) S110 and an SX620hs. This is my first DSLR. I went to a camera shop today that is going out of business and found a 50mm 1.4 USM for free. I took some pictures with it using manual focus and it seems to be ok other than no autofocus. It it ok to use with a broken focus motor? I don't like the kit lens it came with as the focus is so slow going in and out before it settles on focus in a semi dark room. Sometimes it won't even let me take a picture. The powershot cameras didn't care, they would take a picture no matter what. I'm very new with DSLR so maybe I'm not doing something right or some setting is off.



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The motor assembly for the 50mm lens is available at Ebay for $99.99


Thank you for the information using flash to focus. 

EBay?  👎 Buyer Beware! 

You can buy a refurbished lens for the same price. 

One year warranty.  The lens performs at least as well as the f/1.4, if not better.  I used to own the f/1.4.  It was soft wide open.  The AF motors were not very accurate.  They tended to undershoot or overshoot the mark.  I would almost not shoot wider than f/2.2, shooting at f/2.8 was typical.

This is by far the best recommendation.  No fuss, no repair and a 100% functioning lens.  No tracking down instructions or asking someone what or how they did something.  These types of repairs (even if they appear simple) can be a gamble.  Your time is money.  I'd rather spend mine taking photos.

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