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How to Transfer RAW files from Canon R50 to Android devices


I know that the Canon Camera Connect app can only transfer RAW files to iOS only. For Android the RAW files will convert to jpeg format if we import it to the Android. So the question, is there any alternative app to transfer RAW files from my Canon R50 to android devices?



No app is needed.  You can use a card reader connected directly to your device.  I've used a USB-C adapter with standard USB A.  Works just fine.  


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One way to do this is with a wired transfer by either a USB cable or by way of a card reader that has a micro USB port cable on one end. You can read up on this.

I use the Camera Connect and Control app.

I have a Canon T8i .

You'll need an OTG (on the go) cable to connect your Android device to the USB cable, and an IFC-600PCU interface cable to connect the USB cable to the USB port on your camera. Your manual should tell you what cable your camera specifically uses.

I got the OTG cable off Amazon, and the IFC-600PCU cable from Canon

I haven't used this app to transfer Raw files myself, but I've read that you can.

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I have used third-party Camera Connect and Control to transfer raw files wirelessly from my 6D to my OnePlus 6.

When I travel I use USB C card reader for my Android. Faster.

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