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i have a canon rebel t3, i dropped it and the battery door fell out. Is it possible for it to work


So basically I have a canon rebel t3, I recently dropped it(not that hard) and the battery/memory door broke of. I put it back and it worked except I don't think it 100 percent worked. My camera haven't been working since that day. I'm not sure if ive seen the camera battery door inside the battery I can see the inside to where you connect the door kind of chipped. I tried to put it back in and unexspectdly the little part of the camera's battery door chipped. Is there any possible way for the camera to work without the battery door? will i have to get it repaired at a store for money? can there be any home-treatment i could do? THANKs



I've never owned one of the Rebel series but I think it will be like many of the others with the battery door on the bottom. If I'm correct there is a small tab on the inside of the door that presses against a switch inside the camera telling the camera that the door is closed. If that broke off you'll need to improvise or get another door unless the body was damaged where the hinge pin goes in.  

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Sorry! Smiley Sad   But it needs to be reapired by a service center.  There may be other issues inside you are not seeing right now and in the long run it will never be dependable until it is checked out.  Caneras don't like being droped, even a little, and they don't like being wet.  Two, no-no's.

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