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focus indicator confusion


What is happenning when I look thru my view finder on my eos m 5 , I see a circle in the center of the viewfinder and a rectangle off to one side... I can move the rectangle around on the screen... but, why both... what incorrect setting is causing this?  Camera is set at spot metering and focus area is single point.



The rectangle is the single point autofocus, the circle is spot metering.  Each is set-up separately via the  menu - if you go to each of those settings there and change them, you will see you can change those displays.  This is no connection between the two per se on these models.  On the R-series MILCs and some latter FF DSLRs one can link both to the same point.

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Thanks for the help


Your Spot Metering will always be at the center of the angle of view.  Use Evaluative Metering if you wish to link metering to a locked AF point.  It is crucial that your AF is LOCKED and ACTIVE.  Using BBF can give you a locked focus, but the AF point goes inactive as soon as you release the BBF button.

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Hi and thanks for your help