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Connect my Canon EOS M50 MarkII to computer and TV screen at the same time?


Hello Community I'm hoping for some help.

I will be using my camera to record acting videos in class.  I want to record the work at real time on my computer for ease of sending out the video recordings in email form after class to view. BUT  Also, I would like the class to be able to watch the work being done at real time on a tv screen. Is this possible? will it compromise the synching to the computer? Or mess with the sound and video quality that I will be sending out in an email? What do you think I need in terms of cords, adapters etc? Wireless?

Thank you in advance for any help




I recommend using an eternal recorder by Atomos. They have HDMI inputs and outputs, and most of them have an onboard monitor as well.  The real question is whether or not your camera outputs audio through the HDMI port.

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The size of your videos might exceed the size your email software can handle as an attachment, or what your server, or your recipient's server will allow.


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