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canon eos 60d dead only battery flashing


My canon eos 60d suddenly stopped working, battery was fully charged inly battery sign flashing i have recharged batteries and i have 2 of them but still the same i ramoved the memory card and lens but still does not start. it is only 9 months old



One other thing you may want to do is that after removing the battery, also remover the lithium battery wait for 1 minute and retry. If still not working, you probably having a circuit / switch failure problem. Don't wait any longer and since you are under warranty, send it immediately to the Canon's main repair center for what is needed.




At this point, your EOS 60D will need service. To start your repair process, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.



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same thing happened to my Canon 60D .. i was in a middle of photo shooting when it suddenly stopped.. i cleaned the contact terminals, changed the battery, removed the lens and card but still same empty battery icon blinking..  I bought it in Japan a year ago. ived been seeing this same issues on Canon DSLRs...btw iam a newbie,  i dont use my camera often i doubt if i reached 500 shots with my camera

i brought my 60d  @ canon service center this day...they have to replace the mainboard but they cannot pinpoint what caused the error 😞


I have a problem with my Canon EOS 60D. Previously the charger was showing blinking yellow light. Afterwards the blinking problem gone and when I put the battery in the charger it generally shows green light after blinking five times a yellow one.

Now when I put the battery in the camera it dosent work. Camera remains dead. ...

Can any body tells me is it battery issue or camera issue.....waiting for suggestions.....

I also have the same problem. Please suggest me how to proceed further

Sounds like you are in need of a new CANON battery.  Avoid 3rd party batteries, and only purchase one from a reputable dealer, which also means NO Amazon or eBay bargain batteries.

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@CMarg2 wrote:
I also have the same problem. Please suggest me how to proceed further

Are you using Canon or third party batteries, and how old are they? I've used some third party batteries with good luck in recent years, but I've avoided the unbranded batteries and the ones with prices that were obviously too good to be true. But for your situation it might be worth the investment in a new, genuine Canon battery. Do you know another photographer that would have a genuine Canon battery you could test in your camera, or maybe a local camera or electronics store that handles Canon gear?