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best lens for canon rebel t3 ?



i want to know whats the bettest lens for canon rebel t3 ? specially if i want to use it for sport shooting as soccer and basketball

long range distance and the bettest aparture ?? 




Two things.  First the "ideal" lens for photographing anything highly depends upon your vantage point, where you are when you are taking the photos.  For example, where are you when you photograph soccer games?  Sideline? Behind the goal?  In the Press Box, looking down on the action? 


Similar questions arise with basketball games, which is contested on a much smaller playing area.Second, your camera is an older design.  It may not be able to get the most out of the best lenses out there, which can be priced pretty high, BTW. 


If you are looking for one lens to do it all, then be prepared to compromise on something.  In general, I would expect that for soccer one would want longer lenses than what one might want for shooting basketball, if you are standing on the edge of the field or the court.  Underneath the basket, you just might be better off with a wide angle lens, than a zoom.  There are many other scenarios that I can imagine that point to widely different focal lenghts.


I would think that a standard zoom lens, one with a fairly wide range, would be ideal.  I'd suggest the EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens.  This lens covers a wider range focal lengths than most standard lenses.  But, it should give you good image quality.  I have used the 18-135, and love it.  I'd expect similar performace from the 18-200, plus is longer reach.

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10x u , but they told me 55- 250 would be better for my cam , cuz as u said its old a little bit cam ??
what do u think ?

I think that you find that the short end, the 55mm end, of the zoom lens is too "long" and does not present a wide enough field of view if you were shooting pictures behind a soccer goal, or underneath a basket. 


The 55-250, is much cheaper than the 18-200, but it tends to be slow to AF in moving objects.  I think a USM lens would be a good choice, too.  What lenses do you currently own?  The 55-250 may not give you improved image quality over what you already have in your bag?


Another thing to consider is the weather.  Moisture is the worst enemy of your camera and lenses.  It doesn't take a rainy day to introduce moisture into a camera or a lens.  All it takes is high humidity, or a large sudden change in ambient temperature, such as going from inside a warm house, to outside on a brisk fall morning.  See that dew on your windows in the morning?  It can form on and inside your camera and lenses in the same way.

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"i want to know whats the bettest lens for canon rebel t3 ?"


This animal does not exist!  Smiley Frustrated  The exact reason why DSLR cameras have removable lenses.  IMHO, any of the above recommendations are on the poor, to very poor, side. Again, IMHO, I would not waste hard to get money on them, if the "bestest" is one of the requirements and goals.


Where you stand or position yourself is a paramount consideration.  Great point!  Smiley Happy


Lastly, IMHO, if you consider any lens with am aperture of more than f2.8 (larger f number), it ain't gonna qualify as the "bestest" lens.


Basketball is not soccer.  Two different disciplines involved.

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Be careful when you use the word "best".   Canon has some fantastic lenses if you've got the budget for them.


For basketball, the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II (about $2000)


For soccer or football, the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x (about $11000)


You might imagine they sell for 70-200mm lenses than the 200-400mm with the built in 1.4x tell-extender -- just because of the price.


Tim Campbell
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Soccer is an outdoor sport (most of the time) so you'll have good light allowing many choices in lenses BUT basketball is usually an indoor sport requiring a fast (low f number) lens & fasy zooms are expensive. You may want to consider one of the f1.8 primes Canon sells for that use.

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