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best bang for buck plug in microphone?

Rising Star
Hey guys so I got a shotgun mic from sony not too long ago and it works very well indoors when I'm 10-15 feet away. Though when I bring my camera outdoors and try to record my voice, when the camera is more than 10 feet away, I can barely hear my voice and can hear wind noises as well. Is there a 3.5mm plug in mic/usb mic that I can use (preferably clipping on somewhere on my clothing) and won't cost too much (<$50)? I've heard the audio tecnica atr works really well but I've personally never tested it out before, plus I think I read somewhere online that AT discontinued that product. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Rode VideoMic


There's also a "VideoMic Pro" a "Stereo VideoMic" and a "Stereo VideoMic Pro".  


Go to YouTube and search for videos.  You can find videos which demonstrate the sound quality of the various mics, but the Rode VideoMic is probably the most popular by far.  It has a hot-shoe mount (it only uses the hot-shoe as a mount... you still have to use the audio cable to jack it into the side of your camera).



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da