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EOS R7 How to receive signal from wireless mic via XLR transmitter


Hi everyone,

I'm new to photography and own an R7.  I'm wanting to do some Video interviews for a project and have an Electro-Voice RE50B microphone.  The mic an XLR mic and was wondering if there's a way to use a wireless XLR plug-in transmitter on the mic and some how figure out a way for the mic signal to reach the R7?  The wireless XLR receiver that the transmitter signal routes to doesn't connect to the 3.5mm mic jack on the R7.

does anyone have any ideas on how I can correct this issue? Please forgive my lack of knowledge.

Thank you in advance!




There are several companies that make XLR transmitter and receiver kits where the receiver has a 3.5mm mic to connect to the camera.

Once such kit that I am aware of is the RØDELink Newsshooter Kit which comprises a transmitter with XLR connection to fit on the mic and the receiver to sit on your camera hotshoe, the receiver also has a 3.5mm output to plug in to the camera mic input.

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author

Thank you so much Brian! The Newsshooter Kit was at the top of my list and unfortunately, RODE has discontinued that item I couldn’t find any left over kits on any site nor could I find a used kit. 

I did, however, stumble upon what I was looking for. I found and purchased a CKMOVA Vocal M V3 wireless XLR plug-in system for $300 US. The system is AMAZING! The receiver comes with a cold shoe mount that fits my R7 perfectly and is not overly large on top of the camera. The transmitter is right at the same size as the RODE Newsshooter and the Sennheiser G3 as well. The RX & TX quickly paints with each other when powering them up and the line of sight range of 150m. I use this kit with my EV RE50B mic and what a combo! 

I didn’t know anything about CKMOVA and had never heard of them. I sent their customer support section an email with a couple of questions prior to purchasing and they responded back within 3 hours. You literally can’t go wrong with this product if you’re in the market. I purchased thru B&H. 

Appreciate the response and info, Brian! Cheers!