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Problem with t3

I start the EOS utility and I tells me there are no Photos on the card  I have read the Manual and I am supper stumpedI have tried to pros RAW FILES other file types I have tried with cable and putting the card in my laptop no Luck ;{  my T3 is brand...

baseball pictures

Hi..I have the EOS Rebel T3- EOS 1100D w/the standard lense.  I've also purchased the zoon lens.  My question is.... I love taking pictures/videos of my son playing baseball.  It is so hard to get good shots especially with the fencing.  Any advice o...

Doreen by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Does in-camera image correction apply to RAW

Auto lighting optimizerLong exposure noise reductionHigh ISO speed noise reductionHighlight tone priority I did some test shots with these and I see no difference in the raw files.  Do these only apply to the JPG format? The 5D3 manual says on page 1...

mtsonic by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Deceptive Histogram

I'm have a very frustrating time with my 5Dii. For years, with my previous digital cameras (Nikons) I have relied on the histogram to judge my exposures.  But now, with my 5Dii, I am always around two stops underexposed.  I'm shooting RAW. I look at ...

Safety Shift Mode: ISO

I have a 1D Mk4.  Most often I am shooting as a secondary job duty for the agency I work for so it is not a full time gig.  When I shoot it is an a photojournalist type setting.  capturing photos as things happen.  I prefer to shoot in shutter priori...

mgrabow by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Canon Eos 1 V shutter button problem

Hullo ! I recently bought a Canon Eos 1 V camera. Is a great body and very functional to me. I've found out a "problem" with the shutter button. It seems to be to "sensible" and never blocks the focus and the exposition. I tried all combinations poss...

chellm by Apprentice
  • 1 replies


We're in the market for a new camera ... we're thinking about an entry dSLR.  I'm looking at these 3 cameras and would like your opinion ... we'll be taking pics of kids, outdoors, indoors, low light, need image stabiilization, good shutter speed and...

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