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Will the T4i AV out support monitoring audio as a movie is being shot?


I'm using a T4i to shoot videos and wonder if the AV out will support monitoring the audio as it's being recorded by pluging in a head phone with correct plugs/adaptors, etc.?


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Product Expert

Hi Mikezerby,

The AV Out terminal is not designed to allow audio monitoring during a movie shoot.

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I can't believe you don't have a way, whats so ever, to monotor the sound quality while recording video! What is the point?


Not even with the AV in/out? Is there any posible way with the t5i? Also what is the diffrence between the t4i and the t5i? I almost bought the t5i tonight untill I could not plug in head phones. Can you not do it on ''playback'? Is there a audio level or a audio level meter??


Thank you, 

My first  Canon was a Canon QL,  I got one for my 12th birthday.

I'm most intrested in shooting videos with a digital SLR. I want to plug in my pro mics. I have a Canon XL1 with lense. I want the converter to attach the XL1 lens to the t5i as well as some much older canon lenses I have. 

PS is there hand controls for it like this for the t5i? for focus, zoom, or record?


Sorry there is no way to just add to my orgional post.


In addition to be clear I am asking to monitor the audio; live, and or on playback.

Nothing directly electronic like a Sony Lanc but for DSLRs there are TONS of shouder rigs with things from just carrying the camera to full monitor support and power systems. Where you

can dial manually whatever focus you want. 


Here is the basic cheapest shoulder rigs


This is something you were looking for perhaps


It is included in this shoulder rig and if Got my wish to take my Canon and be a wartime correspondent/ Photojournalist this is what would carry my Canon. I am pretty sure it beats everything you asked for and more. A lot of stories out there to be told.



I highly recommend I brief experience with working on a 16 mm film that you have someone capture sound. The reson being is that as good as the rig I showed you is it still requires you to become a one mans band and I thought with a Digital EOS I was home free with an external mike not so at all. The adjustments to the camera and the servo if you run auto focus are really loud. Canon was the first to introduce revolutionary lenses that used fluid as a stabilizer for motion in the camera lens not electronics but no matter how many cameras I try and this was ones just recently even with full magnesium alloy bodies as far as video goes sound just is so good these days it picks up everything :). People always say oh I can fix that in post but why not just capture it right once and not have to fix another list of things to make your awesome movie? :).

I have not seen a XLR connector but I can think of way give me a bit.

Why has no one answred my question?????

Will I be able to LISTEN durring "PLAYBACK" not recording, using this AV cable??? "AV Cable AVC-DC400ST" on the Canon t5i??

I already bought the t5i.


Thank you.

Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!