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White screen dot on my canon m6 mark ii


Hello, kindly see my figure attached. I have a canon m6 mark ii, and somehow today when I took it out, found there were some white pixel dots on the screen. It seems like it was not from the sensor, since it is always there, e.g., when displaying an old photo.


Is this a sign that my screen was damaged? Is it possible to fix it. I checked the photos it took with no influence, just when I watched the screen, it is quite annoying. 




Any suggestions or comments would be highly appreciated.



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Can you feel the dots with your fingernail? Is there a screen protector on the screen that might be damaged?


Thanks for replying me. I can not touch these points by finger. I think they might be the dead pixel of the LCD screen. I also don't have a screen protector there


It does look like pixels that are somehow always on (pure white). Odd pattern though so perhaps the screen was hit by something?

Call up Canon to start investigating a repair process. Perhaps the cost would be worth repairing the camera. Thankfully it isn’t a sensor issue.


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I have one more question, do the dots appear when the camera is off?

Its looking like the screen is damaged and would need to be replaced, or you could learn to live with it. I don't have any other suggestions.

Hi, thanks again. When I turned off the camera, the bad pixels were not there


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If the dots are not appearing in your photos, then your back LCD screen is somehow damaged. I don't think that there is anything you can do except to send it in for repair or replace the screen yourself. Is it still under warranty?


Is it visible when you browse through the menus?

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