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White haze on T7i


Just bought a T7i yesterday, filmed a bunch of stuff last night. Started going through it and noticed a lot of the clips have this white haze around the edges.  I'm new to slrs so not sure if it's broke or some kind of flare. Here are some screen shots from the video. Please help. Thanks!

white haze 1.pngwhite haze 2.png



I'm guessing that you shot video, not still photos.  

What lens were you using?  Did this show up in all of the video clips?  It looks to me like you need to use a lens hood, and to apply lens correction IN the camera.

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I was using the kit 18-55. And yes these where screenshots takin from video


Hmmm.  There is nothing like a bright point source light in the scenes here that would suggest flaring so I don't think this is lack of a hood.  It almost looks like white vignetting was applied in post. Like maybe an anti-vignetting lens correction gone too far. 


What are you using for your processing software?


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Just IMovie, but I noticed it while playing back on the camera itself so it was already there.

Ahh... I'm going to guess you've applied the iMovie "dreamy" filter to your video.


For some technical reasons that would be lengthy to fully explain, cameras lenses typically have some amount of vignetting which causes edges and corners to appear DARKER than the center (and particularly if shot at low focal ratios).  But your samples show the reverse of that... going pale white near the edges and corners.  That's not something a lens (or camera) would naturally do (it's contrary to the physics of how the optics work).  But it CAN be done by applying an effects filter.


iMovie does have such an effects filter.  They call it the "dreamy" filter and it looks a lot like the images you've posted here.



Tim Campbell
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Ahh I found the problem, I was just shooting with a creative filter ha. Thanks for the help tho! 😂

Ahh I found the problem, I was just shooting with a creative filter ha. Thanks for the help tho!