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What ever happened to the old school color rendition and "look"?


I have been shooting with Canon for the past 15 years and have been testing or working with almost all of the models. All xxD models, all 5D models, all 6D models, 7D models, 1DsMK3, MK4, 5DSR and so on and so forth. One thing that I have noticed (starting already with the 5DMK4) is how color rendition right out of the sensor from newer Canons seem a bit pale. When I compare my old shool cameras like 6D, 7D etc there is a significant punch in the primary colors that is certainly lacking today. That "punch" (especially reds) was onced called "Canon colors" and made many (including me) switch to Canon.

One might argue that it is simply a post-processing issue and to some extent it is. But facts are facts...different sensors with inhouse CFA tunings do paint a different picture and more often than not I am struggling way more with washed out colors from newer Canon models. I find it easier to dial down a vivid look than the other way around. One example...I have been shooting with R6 and R8 for quite some time now and the files are...meh. Standard, flat, boring. The other day I picked up my old 7D and took it for a ride. Those files are just drop-down awesome. I just import them in ACR and they are pretty much done! Talk about a JPEG machine. Need minimal work. And the contrast is smoother. Rich but still visible blacks and not the crushed look from newer models. 

What happened Canon? Why did you ditch your old school "technicolor" signature? Please come back 🙂 Or to quote Paul Simon: "...give us those nice bright colors"



I didn't really see any difference, but I don't use ACR or Lightroom. Raw samples here



Hi.   are you referring to JPG files, as RAW is not normally associated with tonal values in the same way.

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RAW files only. But I am starting to wonder if it is an Adobe thing more than Canon itself. Not sure...maybe the difference in DPP is much smaller?

According to

"The “Standard” Picture Style is the default Picture Style setting for all present EOS DIGITAL lineups. Color uniformity is ensured, even if the model changes."

But I do not know how to change a Canon picture style into an Adobe preset or what meta data in the raw file Adobe software uses.


One thing to check is the profile Adobe uses when processing the RAW files from each of the different cameras, and also Adobe's processing may not be the same as Canon's for all cameras.

In the more recent models - most EOS R series and some DSLRs - the default Picture Style on the camera is actually AUTO, not standard as it was on the EOS 7D / 7D Mark II / 5D Mark III. Auto picture style means the camera determines the appropriate style for the photo you capture, and selects from standard, portrait or landscape styles. 


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I think Canon colors are the best overall.  Please see this knowledge base article on picture styles.

Picture Styles 

Another option worth investigating is DxO film pack.  Hope these might help.  

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