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What camera should i get - Upgrade recommendations from EOS 2000D


My first camera is the canon 2000d and i have learned a lot with it but i'm ready to upgrade to my next camera. What i dislike about the canon 2000d is the slow speed in burst mode and the af-system is also slow and not really fit for my needs as it only has 9 focus points. I love doing wildlife photography and also just random stuff in general. I would like to stay with dslr's for a bit because the lenses are getting cheaper and i like the feel of them. My budget is about 600-700€ and I thought about getting a Canon 7d mark ii. Before i buy it tho I wanted to know if there were any better options that fit the same categories. Thanks in advance.



Hello and welcome to the forum.

The EOS 7D Mark II is a great camera with a fast shooting speed and a capable AF system. It will also work with any lenses you have for your EOS 2000D. It is usually only available as a used model and should be within your budget for a camera in great or excellent condition. You might also want to consider the EOS 90D but I think it will be more than 1000€ for a new one.

One other option that is on the edge of your budget is the EOS R50 mirrorless camera. I found a price of 729€ at a German photo dealer. It offers a good step up in performance with 24MP and 12 frames per second continuous shooting speed, plus you would get the extra abilities of the modern mirrorless AF system which is a significant benefit. You would need the EF to EOS R lens adapter so that any of your existing DSLR lenses can be used on the mirrorless model. 

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If you want to stick with DSLR's, I have a Canon T8i and like it very much.

One of the concerns I had when I upgraded was the weight. The T8i only weighs 515g. The 7D Mark II weighs over 900g.

You could get the body only and use your existing lenses.

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I had the 7DII from new for quite a while, and it was the flagship APS-C camera, with superior build, excellent focusing and a good sensor.   It was supposedly replaced by the EOS 90D, but that was not as robust, did not have as good focusing, although it did boast a 32MP sensor.  However, that tended to show noise from about ISO3200 and it was not, to me, as good a  unit.   If the 7DII is in good condition then I think that is a good option.

Alternatively, the last of the DSLRs to be released is the EOS 850D (T8i in North America), which was a slight step down in build quality from the built like a tank 7DII, but it does boast an articulating screen and excellent focusing system without the noise of the 90D because it has a 26MP sensor, which seems to sit in a sweet spot for APS-C sensor cameras as regards noise.  That will likely also be supported for service the longest.

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