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Using back button Focusing with a T6i


I am very new to all this and I am thinking about setting up my T6i to do back focus but shoudl it be on One Shot or AI Servo?  the next question is do you do center focus also anything like that..  



Once BBF is set up, it does [not] matter which focusing mode you use.

I use the center AF point because it is the most accurate. Also, spot metering takes place at the center AF point.

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Would you mind telling me how to setup center AF point.. I am new to all this

@johnathansmith6 wrote:

Would you mind telling me how to setup center AF point.. I am new to all this

I had to correct a typo error in my previous post.  It makes does NOT make a difference which focusing mode you use when BBF is set up.  

How to set up the center AF point?  That is a very basic question, which suggest that you do not have a copy of the instruction manual.


You can download the manual at the above link to your camera’s product page.  Be sure to download the full instruction manual, not the short one that come packed with some cameras..   The instruction manual tells you what buttons do.  It also explains the AF system, and how to select AF points.  Make it your best friend.

"The right mouse button is your friend."



The best thing you can do to get the most out of your camera is to get a copy of the manual and read it thoroughly. 


If you bought your camera new you should have got a hard copy of it along with a disc that contains in on soft copy.  If you don't have a manual you can download a copy here:


Just select your model and follow the instructions to get a PDF onto you computer.


I hope this helps.



cheers, TREVOR

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