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Unable to register T6s through EOS Utility (or edit


I am getting the error below when trying to setup the Web Service (it downloads the SSL certificate successfully prior to this).

T6S-EOSUtility-Failed to Connect.png

This guide is provided for the T6s ( details the procedure to register the device with EOS Utility, but it doesn't quite work the way as explained (it does not allow selecting anything, it immediately opens the registration dialogue and closing that dialogue exits the utility).

Any ideas on how to fix this? Or how do I contact support? Latest firmware is already installed and these are fresh installs of EOS Utility and the two photo programs.


The Rebel T6s was retired as of March 2022.

You will no longer receive direct support from Canon USA for your camera. That doesn't mean the Community can't chime in for help. 

I was looking into full frame cameras, like the 5D. It seems like a bad idea given the different issues (lens registration deleted, not working, numerous website issues, abandonment of working cameras, etc).

And the problem is in the EOS Registration utility, not the camera.


Weird thing to say. I was instructed by Canon to perform these procedures.




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