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Trying to use a wired Manfrotto 322RS wired remote on Canon 70D or Rebel XSi

Trying to connect my cameras to a Manfrotto 322RS wired remote with no luck for weeks. Today I happen to stop by local shop and we tried the 322RS on my camera, one of their brand new 70d, a few Rebels and 1/2 dozen 2.5" stereo cables and ALL exhibited thevsamevissuevwith not only the Manfrotto 322RS but with several cheap knock off wired remote shutter releases. The only way to get any of the cameras to fire was to pull 2.5" plug about 1/8" to 1/4" out of the the camera bodies and then they work. Manfrotto says correct cable is 522SCA which Is basically just a 2.5" stereo cable and Canon says any 2.5" stereo cable will work except they don't? This is now been verified using my two Canon camera bodies and 2 cables and the stores 1/2 dozen cables and 3 more bodies as well as 2 different triggers similar to the Manfrotto 322RS. So my question is what gives? The only wired remotes that seem to work are the kind that have a control box on one end and 2.5" stereo connector. Is the wired remote plug now only usable with the wired remotes with a controller box on one end?
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