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Trouble Connecting 6D Mark II to


Hi y'all,


I'm having some trouble connecting my camera to the server in order to transfer photos to the cloud. I've gone through all the Web Services steps (including adding and registering my account to the camera), and the camera connects to my home wi-fi gateway fine when trying to remotely use the EOS Utility, a printer.


The trouble only comes when trying to "Upload to Web service". I get all the way to the IP address settings, where I select Auto, but an error occurs immediately after trying to connect, and unfortunately VERY generic: "Err 127 - An error has occurred". Like I mentioned, it doesn't appear to be the wi-fi connection itself because it has no problem when doing remote control via EOS utility or print via Wi-fi printer.


What am I doing wrong? Thanks,





Neophyte - Canon 6D Mark II, EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 II


Think I got something like that and ssl error with my 6D. Had to update (not firmware) my camera with EOS Utility. Update web service or something.

 Thanks for the help! I'm not seeing any issue with the SSL certificate. I just bought the camera so believe I have the latest version of all utilities, and just updated the firmware today when I saw it was one version off - but still no luck. What do you mean by update, not firmware?


Might try and reinstall the utility perhaps...


Still nothing unfortunately - same errors. When I go to "Edit Web Services" now, all I get is a page explaining the migration to from Canon Image Gateway. I imagine it's tied to the migration itself and perhaps some bugs, has anyone had this issue recently?

I still can't resolve the issue. I noticed a month ago or so that someone else had issues, which a Canon rep chalked up to the transition. Could this still be an artifact of that?

Switch to P mode, and reset the camera back to factory default camera settings..  Use the default Wi-Fi camera name, too. 


Do make sure that you have the latest firmware.  Do not assume that you have the latest firmware just because the camera is new.  You do not know how long it sat on a shelf.  Check it, and be certain.

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I am having the same issue. Unable to upload to Google Photos using Image.Canon for EOS R6. What's up Canon? Where is the support? I get a message that there is a Wi-Fi connection with my laptop, and that the images are uploading, but nothing. Plus, there are 10 steps to get to that point. It should be one or two steps. Absolutely terrible archaic interface. Catch up to the times Canon. If this is the best support Canon has, I am returning the R6.