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Transmitting RAW files as jpgs to from EOS R5


I'm having an issue with sending files to Ideally I want to shoot RAW files and transmit jpg files to my photo editor. But no matter how I configure the settings it is still sending both RAW and jpg files. This is eating up my battery and takes way longer to send. Any idea how I can get the camera to just send jpgs?

One way I've gotten it to work is to shoot RAW on one card and JPG on another card. Then pull the card I'm shooting RAW on and just transmit from the jpg card. This is an extra step I'd like to avoid though. Hoping someone has some insight. 





I should clarify, I'm trying to send via the web services option and have autosend enabled. 

I can get the transfer to send just jpgs if I go through my phone, but ideally I'd like to do everything through my camera using a hotspot.

Hello sscordle13,

There is no way to differentiate between RAWs and JPEGs when sending images with Auto send enabled unfortunately.


Thanks, John! I've been trying to figure it out for awhile, I'm glad to hear I'm just not clicking something right! Sounds like sorting jpgs and raws by card and sending from the jpg card at the end is the fastest way to do it. Hopefully Canon will come up with a way to maybe choose the card you autosend from in the future. 


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