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Thoughts on Upgrade to EOS RP from EOS 5D Mark IV?


Hello! I’m a very busy portrait photographer (mostly seniors).  I currently shoot with a Canon 5d Mark IV. I really want to try mirrorless, but I’m not ready too drop a ton of money yet.  Can anyone tell me how they feel about the Canon RP? 





I think you will be disappointed with the RP compared to a 5D4.  If you wish to go mirrorless, then I recommend taking a full step, not a half step.  

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@Waddizzle wrote:

I think you will be disappointed with the RP compared to a 5D4.  If you wish to go mirrorless, then I recommend taking a full step, not a half step.  

“Buy it right the first time, and you will only buy it once.”

I completely agree with Waddizzle's advice.  The 5D4 is such a nice camera.  The RP is more of a entry level MILC in comparison.  The R was closer in performance, but Canon has continued to improve the EOS R platform. Replacing a 5D4 with an R might be a better option (if budget is a concern) but its truly more inline with a lens mount change than a serious boost in performance.  Yes, its a nice body, but won't necessarily be something that would challenge you as a photographer since you are coming from one of Canon's best performing DSLR's of all time. If it were 3-4 years ago, different story.    

Since you are already coming from full frame, I'd go that direction, but that doesn't mean you should. The R7 (APS-C) is worth consideration and will accept your EF glass with an adapter. If you can't wait and want to stay with FF, then the first gen R6 will blow you away. You can buy one refurb from Canon (today) for $2249. It will go even lower at Christmas and once the MK II is announced, even lower still.

Right now, the R6 MKII which I believe will be announced before Christmas will be the next FF MILC to have. But it might be March of next year (or longer) before you could put your hands on one. If Canon removes the 30 min recording limit (as they have been) it will be highly sought.  It will be below $3K. I hope $2799. If you want one, you'll need to pre-order it the day it is announced.

You will also need to take some other considerations into account.

You'll need a Control Ring or adapter to use your EF lenses on a RF body.

You will likely need new media cards 

And let's face it, a new RF lens (native glass) would also be in your future.

I know this is a lot to consider. We don't know where you are in your journey. I want a new camera now, I have to be mindful of budget, or I'm just starting to look and can wait a bit.

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Also agree with the others.  Keep your 5D Mark IV and save up for either the Mark II version of the R5 or R6 (or if you cannot wait, consider the first gen of those models).

Personally, I'm waiting for the R5 Mark II to be the replacement of my 5D Mark IV.


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I have great sympathy with the others, but suggest that if you are looking to keep costs down, then when the next marks of the R5 and R6 come out, get the MkI version as they should drop in price.  You will find either of these units a vast improvement over DSLRs.   I use both, and their eye tracking is brilliant for anyone wanting to do portraiture, along with the IBIS that makes hand-held work much easier.   

The question really is what you produce.  Given that the R6 is 20MP but has about 1EV better dynamic range over the 45MP R5, to you actually need 45MP?  If not, then it makes the R6 a much more achievable target.

cheers, TREVOR

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I usually keep 2 bodies and gave my 5D mark III to a friend while keeping my 5D mark IV and bought the EOS R as my first foray into mirrorless.  The EOS R, while good for video, did poorly in terms of ease of use for shooting photos as I was very used to the 5D series.  Once the R5 came out, I sold the R and purchased the R5, which was a more natural transition.  The RP would not be a right fit for a 5D mark IV shooter as you'll miss many of the button and ergonomics that you have already been used to.  The R5/6 should be your next jump.


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Thank you! Do you still use your same lenses with an adapter, or did you buy new lenses? If you use your old ones...are you happy with that?


I had at least 2 RF lenses (RF24-105 with EOS R and RF24-70 with the R5) with the RF50/1.2.  I would use my EF16-35/2.8 and EF70-200/2.8 with adapter when needed.  I have the EF trinity (16-35,24-70, 70-200) with my 5DmarkIV but I sold my Sigma 85mm/1.4 to fund new mirrorless gear.  The EF lenses work great on my R5 but I only plan on buying RF lenses (when needed) moving forward.  Since I have both the EF24-70 and RF24-70, I tested both lenses on the R5 and the RF lens provided overall better pictures.  That said, I've happy with the EF70-200 on my R5 and don't plan on getting the RF version anytime soon.

Since I have both DSLR/EF and mirrorles/RF setups, I've been slowly moving over to mirrorless but I'm shooting almost 100% on my R5 now.


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Buy a used RP: it's a great camera to move over to mirrorless!

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