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Terrible Canon Service


Hey guys!


I'm really upset with the Canon Service Center. Two months ago I sent a 1DX to inspect (with dust inside the viewfinder). Canon Service contact me and they explain me that my camera needs a new pentaprism ($732). So I agreed to fixed, even when the camera was working and focusinf perfect. They "fixed" it and sent it back. Well, the viewfinder was still dirty and the AF system was not working. I sent it back, losing time and money (waiting for the camera to work). This time the AF come working but the sensor has few dots of dust. That was fine for me. Then I sent few weeks ago two cameras (5D mark III and another 1DX) for a full service (Sensor cleanin, viewfinder cleaning, etc). Well, both sensors still with dust and also the viewfinders. Im really upset with this because it cost $350 for boths cameras, and for what?


There is a way to claim directly with Canon about what is happening here, because my best guess, Canon Service dont have qualified technichians. 


3 Cameras sent, 3 cameras I have to re-sent.


Why?? Canon services are not cheap at all.


Please, help!



So, the final solution is CPS... Thanks

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The center in Virginia is closest to me minimizing shipping distance but it doesn't have a walk-in counter.  There is a center with scheduled walk-in service in my state (Illinois) but I have never used it.  I suspect their facility in California is the largest of the support centers and I have had stuff go through there in the past.


At this point, I would use a different center than the one that did your work in the past.



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So, the final solution is CPS... Thanks

No, you're not the only one that has problems with Canon service. The problem, as I see it, with comming to this forum for advice is that a whole bunch of these guys spend a whole bunch of time in front of thier computer, at this Canon forum, and find it hard to recognize that Canon is not perfect. I suppose I just caused the wrath of half the forum to decend upon my poor self... 

I recognize Canon isn't perfect but like many I have used Canon both for repair and ongoing cleaning/maintenance and generally have had very good service.  I also recognize that things can and do go wrong and like others I provided suggestions to the OP to try to resolve this issue. I also reached out to the OP with a private message with further suggestions.


I have never had an issue with Canon that rose to a high level but like most companies, if you have a major issue social media isn't the best method and contacting the organization directly (moving up the chain as necessary) will provide the best results.  If it gets to that point, most global firms have contact information for the highest level of management and although that person won't personally read your email or written missive they do have staff to deal with it and that will often get results.  A childhood friend recently had to take this path using the contact info for GM's CEO to resolve a ridiculous dealer issue where a minor repair turned into a high 4 digit repair bill courtesy of service tech incompetence; it was quickly resolved at corporate level. I went through a similar issue with GM 10 years ago after a dealer I had used for years mishandled my order for a new Cadillac and it was only properly resolved after a mutual friend in GM corporate had the director of Cadillac division contact me which resulted in the vehicle being rapidly scheduled for build along with an additional nice discount, on a humorous note the new manager of that dealership asked if I could resolve build scheduling for two other ordered vehicles; I politely declined 🙂


I think that for many of us, Canon is nearly perfect relative to so many firms that we have to contend with on an ongoing basis.  During the past week I have wasted probably two hours just jumping through all of the hoops to cancel my service with Direct TV and I was a customer of that firm for three decades.  Consulting work I did for Microsoft during the "dot com" boom largely paid for my early retirement four years ago but Windows 10 is the worst piece of OS garbage I have ever had the misfortune of using.  If Canon forces me into a mirrorless system by discontinuing work on future DSLR gear before they or someone else develops an EVF truly suitable for sports photography then I will not be a happy camper but with luck my new 1DX III will ship late this week and this Spring during soccer season I plan to evaluate the 200-400 1.4x lens to see if it is also suitable for night high school football with the better low light performance of the latest 1DX body. For me, Canon currently has the best performing line of gear for sports photography.


I also did consulting work for GM in the past but their ongoing handling of the problems with their 8Lxx transmission family is textbook bad.  I am brand loyal to firms that have treated me well but they all make mistakes and I won't defend those.  I have used Canon gear since buying an AE-1 a LONG time ago but a camcorder I bought from Canon in the early 90s was one of the worst built pieces of electronics (component quality/mechanical design) I have worked on but that didn't stop me from buying a Canon XF-400 which has worked extremely well.


I hope that the OP gets his service problem resolved quickly!



EOS 1DX M3, 1DX M2, 1DX, 5DS R, M6 Mark II, 1D M2, EOS 650 (film), many lenses, XF400 video

"...find it hard to recognize that Canon is not perfect."


Maybe Canon is not perfect, I don't believe I ever stated that, but it is better than the choices. That comes from a person with five decades of personal photographic experience. And, with 4 decades of photographic experience working for a large company that was not Canon.  Whether you decide to make use of that combined experience is up to you.   You are free to choose whatever camera company you desire.  It makes no difference to me!

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My take is that service depends on the people who are involved in "solving" a particular problem. Several had stated their experience with Canon service. I have not, so far, had any need for Canon service. Let me interject that on two occasions, I have called the president of two companies for assistance. I got results. One serviceman said he called the president to get a replacement tub for my dishwasher which was under warranty. My wife told him he was out of the ballpark as I had called the president! Blank look on his face.

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I sent my 5D4 to Costa Mesa for a sensor cleaning and it came back with dust all over it and a scratch at the bottom of the sensor. They would not take responsibility for it and I ended up accepting their offer to cover 60% of the cost to replace the sensor. I'm waiting for it to come back now, then I'm gonna go full on to get my money back. Newport News, Virginia factory service center is the only place I'll send my gear from now on. They are very good and I wish I would have used them this time. I chose Costa Mesa this time because it's closer to me. Lesson learned!