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I have a T5 rebel that I bought a few years ago for picstures and havent had any issues.


recently my wife started a youtube channel and wants to use the camera to record her videos. she recorded one video a week ago and had no problems. but she tried to record a video the other day and started to have iddues.


first issue she had was  the camera auto shut off on her about 10-15 min intoto filming. I think I changed the setting to prevent this. but not sure because since then she has tried to film we have been getting a disk full message  even  though we have cleared the whole SD card (16 gb).



just looking for some advice on what to look at ti correct these minor issues that my wife is having with using the camera for video.


any help is appreciated


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Wmurray23,


Thank you for posting.


You should be able to record about 11 minutes of video when shooting in high definition (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720).


Your camera will record up to 4 GB or 29 minutes, 59 second of video before it automatically stops recording. In this case, it reaches 4 GB, first.


If you've erased all the images and movies from your card, but the camera still "sees" a full memory card, I recommend saving all images and movies to your computer, then formatting the memory card, in the camera, using the low-level option. For information regarding this process, please click here.

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I did format the disk which seemed to solve the disk full problem.



I changed the definition on the camera so we'll see if that changes the amount of time she can record.