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T3i IR 10-sec delay


Hi there!

I have a T3i and a I have an IR remote. I want to change the delay from the default 10 seconds to instant (or at least 2-seconds). Can anyone help me find a way to do this. I'm afraid its not possible. Why wouldnt this be possible!?


Thanks for any help!






See page 89 of your user manual.


On the 4-way navigator buttons, the left button (left of the "Set" button on the back) is the Drive button which accesses the menus to set the drive mode.  There should be a choice that shows a clock with a "2" in the corner (2-second delay).  The clock with no number displayed is the 10-second delay.  


I'm not sure which IR remote you have.  If you are using the Canon RC-6 remote, there is a switch on the back of the remote (not on the camera) that switches between immediate mode vs. 2-second delay mode.


If you put the camera in 2-second delay mode, but then tell the remote to use immediate mode, the camera will actually take the photo immediately.


The benefit of the 2-second delay is that it gives you just a moement to hide or palm the remote when taking self-portraits so you don't end up with photographs showing a remote pointed at the camera.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da