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Suggestions On Cameras For Creating Content


So to summarize everything, I’m a content creator who wanna take a new step in improving the quality of my videos, I’m looking for something that more focus on videos then photos but If I do takes some pictures it’ll still be good. I don’t wanna get a brand new camera if it’s not necessary. I also don’t have a limit on the price, im just trying to get something that’s is nice and long lasting.



It would still be helpful to have a budget. Also, what type of content? Short films, events, interviews, something else?

Also, what are you currently using now? And what do you find are its challenges and/or shortcomings?

One potential would be the EOS R5C. But based upon your answers to the above, other models may be more suitable.


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I guess my budget with be between 1-2k USD dollars and the camera I use is my iPhone 12 Pro Max and the content I do is vlogging my life ( I just record what I do on a daily base ) or soon I will be making basketball videos and do court takeovers



I often throw the V10 recommendation out there.  It may or may not be what your looking for, but does quite well for "vlogging your life"

Other options exist, you'll have to tell us what direction you want to go in. 

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I would also consider the EOS R50 - it's designed as a camera for people looking for something more capable than a phone and with higher quality. For an EOS R system camera it's small and light, and is well well specified for video as a well as stills. 

Canon store has the EOS R50 Content Creator Kit for $799 so within the budget too.

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I agree with Brian's suggestion on the EOS R50 considering your budget, and that it would leave room for a lens or two.  I was seriously considering it before buying the R8.  I do suggest you go to a camera store to get your hands on one.  The only reason I backed off is that my hands are a bit on the large side (I wear regular "large" gloves, not extra large).  The camera seemed a little small in my hands to the point of being uncomfortable. If it fits well in your hands, then go for it.  The specs are nice for video.

I'm simply saying not to buy it online without having one in your hands first.

As Brian said the EOS R50 Content Creator Kit is on sale right now for $799... but he forgot to add that the regular price is $999, so it would be a great time to buy!


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