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Suggested memory card for 80D?


Hi all! I recently stepped up to the 80D, from having and using a T3 for four years. Previous to that, I used a Powershot A710IS. Needless to say, I'm excited!


However, the camera store from which I bought my new "baby" sold me a couple Delkin memory cards, and I am not able to immediately purchase them in my area. I will be leaving for Rapid City tomorrow, and if I can't find Delkin there, I will be needing a substitute. So, Im looking for what the members here recommend. I can readily purchase SanDisk, some PNY, and few Lexar. Not sure what will be available in Rapid City. 


Please tell me what you use, and why, should you feel so inclined. I've been online and did a Google search for best memory cards, but want some personal experience, also.


I buy Lexar Professional 16GB and 32GB cards. I have a few of other brands (Sandisk, Kingston, etc.) that I got as throw-ins for cameras I've bought. All have performed well. I don't think I've ever thrown a card away for any reason but being too small or too slow.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA




Lexar and Sandisk tend to be top-rated and well-trusted card makers.  Those would be my first choice.


If you can't find a card in a local store, just order them online either via B&H Photo, Amazon, etc.


But one caution... if you use Amazon, take care to make sure the product says it is sold by Amazon.  If it says "Ships and sold by _____" and it's some third party, don't buy it.    Also, if it it says "Sold by _____ and Fulfilled by Amazon" ALSO don't buy it.


Those are Amazon "marketplace" sellers and it's the equivalent of buying something on eBay.  You have absolutely no way of knowing if the product is genuine vs. a counterfiet and there's a lot of complaints of counterfiet in the Amazon marketplace.  Amazon shuts them down, and the sellers just pop right back on the store with a new seller name.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da