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Sub-Mirror On Canon T6 Not Kicking Up

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I recently got a canon T6 to fix. Wondering if you guys could give me some help. I've found out the problem but I just need the solution. Whenever I take a shot the main mirror comes up but the sub-mirror does not. I looked at the spring and It doesn't look broken. I looked everywhere on the internet to find the correct position of the spring, but there was nothing. If any of you guys could help, that would be wonderful.


Canon T6 Mirror


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If it is within waranty, why bother, send it in to Canon.

I got it used/new, but broken. Trying to fix it. No Warranty

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" If any of you guys could help, that would be wonderful."


I can offer advice but whether it is helpful you decide. If you need to ask how to do this or watch youtube vids on how to do this you need to have Canon service the camera. This is not a beginner job. It has most likely come unglued. It will have ot be dissambled. It has hidden screws.

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