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Streaming 4K on OBS with EOS R50. Struggling to set it up


Need help. I bought a Canon R50 with the understanding that it can shoot in 4k. My goal with the camera is to connect to OBS so I can stream video in 4k. I have been struggling through different forums and methods but nothing seems to work for me. 

I followed the steps p4pictures posted in response to someone asking the question.
- Selected movie mode
- Selected 4K resolution (29.97fpss

- Changed HDMI display setting to camera + HDMI

- Connect via HDMI to a capture device plugged into my computer.

- Disabled Power saving settings

- Connected to OBS and selected the USB Video as input. 

After following these steps, the max resolution OBS was seeing was 1920 x 1080p. The cable is a 4k HDMI Cable, and the capture card was advertised as 4k, but I saw some reviews on amazon after struggling through this that said they tested it and only went up to 1080p.

Really need some help to find out what I am doing wrong. If it's the capture card, are there any recommendations for one that is 4k tested and works well with Mac? All I can find are the El Gato Camlinks and I read that they dont work with Mac and the picture quality sucks. Just spent 20 minutes looking for anything that takes 4K HDMI input and outputs USB 3.2 via USB-C and am getting frustrated why I can't find anything online.

Really hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. Is there a 4K Capture card that will 100% work with this? If someone has gotten the R50 to Stream 4K video through OBS, I really need their help to do this on my end because I am seriously struggling. All the methods I've tried, the furthest I've only gotten as far as OBS seeing 1920 x 1080 input through the USB Video device so I would need to upscale and degrade picture quality to fit the 4K Canvas.

Please Help!


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Can you connect the camera to a 4K TV with the same HDMI cable as you are using to plug in to the usb video capture device? If the TV then shows that the camera is sending 4K then you have good pointer to your issue being with the USB capture device.

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It's possible the R50 can't output 4k on Live View even though it records 4k to the SD card and presumably play it back on HDMI .. Have you investigated the "EOS Webcam Utility" which makes a USB connection and appears as a camera source in your host software?

To my understanding, EOS Webcam Utility does not go above 1080p. If it did, I wouldn't be here


I would also recommend connecting the camera to a different device, like an external monitor that is capable of displaying 4K video.

You might also try using a different/better cable.  I recommend buying a cable from a reputable camera dealer, not an open marketplace like Amazon.

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