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Shadow on the right side of my pics when I turn my camera to take a tall shot


Most, but not all, times I turn my camera to take a tall view, there is a shadow on the right side of the picture.  It varies how big the shadow is, but I think it is mostly when the flash is on.  It does not normally happen outside.  Any ideas?  I will try to post a picture so you can see.  I have made certain that my strap and anything outside of my camera are not in the way of the lens.  Is there a quick fix? BTW I have a Canon Rebel 3Ti camera.IMG_8867.jpg



Here is another pic that did the same thing. The shadow can vary from a corner of the picture to almost half of the picture.  IMG_8867.jpg

The lens is casting a shadow in the light produced by your built-in flash. The cure is to use an external speedlight or off-camera flash, the idea being to place the light source farther away from the lens.


Some lenses will do this and some won't. But as lenses get larger, more and more of them will. Note that Canon doesn't even bother to include a built-in flash in its professional cameras. Most pros use large lenses and wouldn't be able to take advantage of it.

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^^^  That, or possibly a finger or something you're sticking in front.  It's kind of an odd assymmetric shape, usually lens hoods are more symetric (unless you don't have it fully snapped in place and one corner is sticking out.  I'd take off the lens hood entirely just to be sure.

I am not a professional photographer. I have had this camera for a couple of years now and it has not always done this. I don't have a hood on my lens. It is just the lens that came with the camera. I think it goes to 125 but not sure as I don't have it in my hands right now.

If it goes to 125 then I'd sure agree with the others that it's the lens. The built in flash just isn't mounted high enough for any kind of long lens.

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But, if it's the lens, then it would be consistent.  Every photo, regardless of orientation, same shape shadow.  The OP seems to imply that it's only in portrait (vertical) that it happens, which makes me think it's a finger or a strap or something.


@Mrsnotch wrote:

  I have made certain that my strap and anything outside of my camera are not in the way of the lens.

Just note that it's not the lens it's in the way of, but the flash.  Is it in every single photo, or just some of them?

Yes. Strap is in way of FLASH, not lens.

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