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Remote control of 2 cameras simultaneously - EOS R5, EOS R, EOS C70


Dear community

I’m about to film a live gig next Saturday. I use a EOS R5, a EOS R, and a EOS C70.
The C70 is operated manually, but both of the mirrorless cameras will be placed remotely closer to the stage. Since these two cameras stop filming after 30 minutes, I would have to run there and trigger the record button manually every 30 minutes… To prevent this, I’m looking for a solution to remotely hit the record button of those two – preferably on a mobile device. I know that the Camera Connect App does not support multiple cameras. How would I have to do this?

Thanks so much in advance for any advice!



The only thing I can think of would be to use wireless shutter release devices on both those cameras -- that might work.  I've never tried those and I don't know what the compatibility is like.

What you really need is the new Canon multi-camera app, but it seems to be for cinema cams only.

Thanks for your reply!
I’m not sure if I know what these wireless shutter release devices are. Do you know a brand that I could google?
Yes, I read about the new multicam App, but was bummed that it does not work on the mirrorless cams…

There are many brands.  I just searched for "canon remote shutter" and a bunch came up.  Again, I've never tried any of these.


Canon just announced their Canon Multi-Camera Control app for iOS.   Can control up to 4 cameras.

However, do note that as of this writing, it only supports the following: EOS C500 Mark II, EOS C300 Mark III, EOS C70, and XF605.   But, at least for future gigs, if you can rent additional EOS C70 units, you could control them all from one app.


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