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Rebel T7 - This button is not available in the Basic Zone Modes



I just bought this T7 to take on vacation with me tomorrow. I just turned it on and have no experience with a professional camera. Any time I try to move to a different feature on the wheel, I keep getting the same error. I'm unable to take pictures for the most part and I can't access any settings. No matter what button I press, it stops me and says "This button is not available in the Basic Zone Modes". 

Thank you!



There are certain things not available with certain settings as pointed out in the error message. I have a T7. I recommend you download the manual on your phone or computer. It's worth reading for learning the basics and then one can move through the special special settings as Macro, etc. The manual is over 300 pages but concentrate on the basics in the first part. Or just set it to A+ for automatic for now until you are familiar with the capabilities of the T7. I've had mine for about 6 years. Love it!

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If you put it in "P" mode, you will get most of the advantages of the fully automatic modes and get access to all those other features.


Canon T7 Tutorial For Beginners - How To Setup Your New DSLR (

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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I own the same camera.  I think you'd be best served by putting the camera's Mode Dial in P or A+ (the green square) and have a great time on your vacation.  If you had time to follow John Hoffman's suggestion and the other helpful suggestions to your question - great that will definitely help you a lot!

I don't want to sound condescending, but giving yourself 24 hours to learn how to use and produce good results even with what is described as a beginner or entry level DSLR is really challenging.  I've had my camera for a bit over a year and I'm still learning how to use some of the features and apply advice and knowledge I've gleaned from the manual, this and other forums, tutorials and from experience in using the camera (and I use it quite a bit).  Even though I've had years of experience using Canon SLR film cameras, learning the to use the T7 and digital imaging is still an ongoing process.   

Reading other threads, etc. about more advanced DSLRs and mirrorless camera makes my head hurt with what I think would be the complexity of learning how to use those cameras compared with the complexity of the T7.  Yet even though less complex, the T7 is in my opinion a capable camera.

My impression of the T7 is that even though it's a relatively inexpensive entry level DSLR, it’s still packed with advanced features and technology that can produce some really wonderful photographs.  I look back at some of the shots I took a year ago and I wish I knew what I know now (yes, it's a line from a 70's Rod Stewart song - but it fits here.)    

Have a great vacation and enjoy using your new camera!