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Rebel T6i - WiFi question


Hi all- 


My use case is a bit unusual-  


The goal is to mount the camera at 9 feet high via a ceiling mount, powered with the AC adapter.  I wont have access to the camera without a ladder.  I want to control the camera as needed with an iPad, and just operate the camera with the app.  The shot is always the same (corperate environment). 


In my testing, i was able to connect the camera using the Canon connect app, and take a picture.   If i close the app (not disconnect the camera), the camera goes into a waiting mode for the camera to re-connect.   The camera is connected to a WiFi network.    


My question is- can i just leave it in this 'waiting to reconnect' state as long as needed?   I left mine for about 20 minutes and it just sat there waiting, then reconnected when i launched the app.  Hope someone can provide more info if this is ok to do.  






I've tried a few different WiFi connection scenarios but each one had me have to interact with the camera in some way.  I guess you can try what you are already doing.  I suggest leaving the camera in waiting to connect state for a few hours then try to reconnect.  If it works then its probably safe to say if your camera is on an AC adaptor there is no connection timeout period.  On that note I'm not sure that the auto-power off function on the camera will still work when connected to AC.  You might want to turn that off anyway just to be safe.


Another solution is to go out and get a dedicated iPad or Android tablet and never disconnect from the camera.  Of course the dedicated tablet will have to be charged from time to time but at least it's not 9 feet in the air.  If you did this you could use the camera direct connection and not have to go through your WiFi at all.  With direct camera connection the camera creates its own WiFi hotspot.  I use that connection a lot when I'm out hiking or something and want to text a picture to my family out in the middle of nowhere (If I have cell service of course) BUT I can transfer the files to my phone anywhere.





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