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Canon T3i


Hello, I purchased the Canon T3i in June of 2014.  I have had wonderful luck with it, great pictures, ect..  All of a sudden over the holidays after taking pictures, I was scanning thru them on the back of the camera in review and only my old pictures would come up and everything I had taken during this time came up black on the viewer. 
The card still has plenty of space, everything seemed fine.  I took pictures without difficulty. It wasn't until I went to review that I received the message that the card could not be accessed.  I have never removed the card.  After this I did take the card out and tried it read the scan disc on a Mac Book, a Dell, and a couple of others at work.  The file icon shows up but the camera just spins and does not seem to be able to open on any device.  What could be wrong. Please can you assist me?  I purchased the Camera thru Cosco.




Denise Caudell



It sounds like a corrupted SD card.  Try one of the recovery programs, some are free.  It is a name brand SD card?  Always use name brand SD cards and only format them with the camera.  But do not format yours until you make sure you can't recover the photos.

This is a guess since I don't have all the details.  It is never a good idea to leave all your photos one the SD card. It is better to get them safely away on your computer.

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