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Rebel SL3 Flash

New Contributor

Hello, I am completely new to photography and just purchased a Rebel SL3. I am going to a homecoming event this weekend where we're taking pictures at a monument in the dark. I figured an upgraded flash from the built-in one would take some really nice pictures. However, I am unable to figure out what flashes are compatible with the SL3. I've read that they've changed the hot shoe to only work with Canon flashes, however, it's been two years are there no adaptors or aftermarket flashes that work? Is there a cheaper non-canon flash I can purchase that will work with the SL3? Do I need an adaptor? Thanks so much. 


Honored Contributor

The EL-100 is pretty full featured for an inexpensive flash.

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IMHO, I would prefer a working knowledge of Photoshop to any flash. Don’t be too disappointed if your photos are not “nice “ with flash.
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