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Raw File problem


I have a Canon 7D that I have had about 3 years. I just starting shooting RAW files. (***.CR2). 

I have Raw Therapee 1.1 pre s  and Coral Photo Paint .. both programns current about 2 years ago..


When I try to open the RAW file in either programn I just get random garbage.. A bunch of pixalated boxes with the asspect ratio being of the photo being messed up.


SO is my software out of date or is the camera not doing something right.






I've never heard of RAW Therapee.  


Canon Digital Photo Professional would have come with your camera and can handle the RAW images.  It can also convert them (it even has a "batch" converter where it can convert entire shoots for you.)  The converted image can be converted to TIFF or JPEG...but TIFF is non-lossy.


My software for RAW includes my typical Mac photo apps... Apple provides the RAW updates for those.  I also use Adobe Photoshop and of course Adobe provides the updates for those.  It's only necessary to have the update that provides the specific RAW support for your camera.  The "updates" really just add support for newer cameras as those models are released.  But I suppose it's possible that neither of your programs has a RAW file handler for a 7D.  There's no such thing as a "generic" Canon .CR2 file.  The format for each camera model is unique (e.g. the .CR2 generated by your 7D would not be the same as the .CR2 from another camera... such as a 6D, 5D III, 70D, 60D, etc. etc.)



Tim Campbell
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The ideal software for you is Photoshop Elements.  It is constantly updated for the newest cameras and lenses.

It is inexpensive but is not free.  Smiley Happy

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Use DPP as Tim suggested; it's exactly what it's designed for - converting RAW files from Canon cameras.  You'll be able to export from DPP to Coral Paint if you need to.  If you need software that can do more than DPP or Paint then come back and tell us what you're looking for and we can give you a suggestion...  based on your actual needs.  Photoshop was designed for a very specific purpose.  If you have need of it, then it's great, but if you don't plan on doing compositing or retouching then it's just a waste of money.  And if you plan on doing any kind of advanced work then Elements is a complete waste of money.

RAW Therapee is free and open source. Also it's really powerful. It render RAW image better than Adobe. Since it is free, you can just download the latest version. No need to buy anything, no need to re-learn.
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Did some more research... Found the DPP prog on the internet. Also found that Photomatix Pro 3.2 (which I have) works for 7D CR2 files. Elements 11 (which I have) requires a update plug in... still can't get that working.


Basically I need to run a HDR programn on the CR2 files.. photomatix seems to work great for that. For editing the CR2 file I can use DPP... seems to work okay.


Thanks All



Latest version of RawTherapee is 4.1.


The most of my pictures in my blog are from Darktable and RawTherapee.