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R7 Comment


I notice that Canon no longer allows comments on products one has purchased.

So I hope they monitor this.

The R7 was given to me for Christmas, 2022, as a gift from my wife. I want to say it is an amazing upgrade from my old 7D. The best thing I noticed is the joystick with the quick control dial around it. Why it has not been moved to the R7 location earlier amazes me. Both controls fall perfectly under my thumb while holding the camera and NOT having to shift my hand or grip to use them. Cross keys are also great to have as well. The best thought out controls ever on any camera. Canon, listen, make this the standard for all cameras. The on off switch is perfect as well. Again, located to use without shifting the grip. If it confuses people then anything will. I love it and have used many Canon digital cameras and this ergonomically is by far the best.



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@Architect1776 wrote:

... R7 was given to me for Christmas, 2022, as a gift from my wife...

Keep that wife and treat her right! 😄


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